Breath of Life Doulas


The Support You Need

A doula is a woman who has been trained to provide continuous, non-medical support to a woman and her partner in labor.

At Breath of Life, the doula becomes part of the birth team and our midwives work hand-in-hand with her to provide mom and her partner the best care and comfort during their labor.

Her skills include providing massage, encouragement, emotional support, suggesting positions, assisting mom in and out of the tub, offering ideas for how dad can support his partner, and giving dad an occasional break to eat, sleep or contact family.

While there are many doulas to choose from in the Tampa Bay area, only a small number have become Breath of Life Certified Doulas. They completed a day-long training at the birth center to become more familiar with — and practice with — the labor tools that we have available at the birth center.

Updated List Coming Soon

Breath of Life Certified Doulas are independent contractors and offer individual rates and contracts. The doulas are not employees of the birth center, nor are their services covered by any fees that are paid directly to the birth center. All fees and contracts for doula services are arranged directly between the client and the doula.