Birth Center Safety

& Facts

The health and safety of our clients throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth is our number one priority.

The Highest Level Of Safety

You’re In Great Hands

Our midwifery model of care is recognized in receiving high marks for safety in a multiple national studies. The most recent study demonstrated that care led by nurse-midwives in a birth center setting had a high level of safety and a low level of obstetric intervention rates, which is similar to what previous studies have also shown. We call it the “high-touch, low-tech” approach to labor and birth.


We’re Prepared

Being nationally-accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers requires Breath of Life to maintain best practices in maternity care and the proper safety training, equipment, and supplies. We have the amenities here on site that can help with minor emergencies, or that can stabilize the mother or baby for the drive to the hospital.

We are Tampa Bay’s only Nationally Accredited Birth Center.

The Ease Of Necessary Transfers

When Is A Transfer Needed?

Occasionally a mother may need to be transferred to another care provider due to a change in her medical status. Those changes may include the onset of:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Twin Gestation
  • Breech Presentation

We understand how difficult it is for a client who planned to have her baby here to have to change her thinking and get to know a new caregiver. We help make that transition of care as easy as possible, and can recommend midwives/obstetricians who would continue to support a natural birth while also giving that mother and baby the medical care they require.


Where Would I Go For A Transfer?

If a client requests or needs to transfer to the hospital during labor, we transfer clients to Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater. It is just a 10-minute car ride from the birth center. Breath of Life has a strong relationship with the physicians and nurses there, and because they are a baby-friendly hospital, they have some birth philosophies that are similar to ours. The physicians and nurses respect that the mother still wants as natural a birth as possible, so they use minimal interventions that help mom balance the changes in her birth preferences.


How Would The Transfer Happen?

In most cases, a transfer is requested because the laboring mom has been in labor for a long time, and she’s tired and wants medical pain relief such as an epidural. In that case, a family member would drive her to the hospital, where a staff member would be waiting for her so they make her comfortable as quickly as possible.

However, if a client is transferring for an emergency, which happens infrequently, then the mother would be transferred by ambulance while being accompanied by a family member or friend.


Can My Nurse-Midwife Still Deliver My Baby?

A Breath of Life nurse-midwife may accompany a client to the hospital to ensure a smooth check-in process, but she does not have privileges at the hospital and therefore is not permitted to provide care for a client in the hospital. However, clients are welcome back at the Breath of Life for post-natal follow-up visits.


Triple AIM Achievement Award

Since 2014, Breath of Life has received national recognition by the American College of Nurse-Midwives Division of Standards and Practice Quality Section as being a “Best Practice” center. The “Triple Aim” Best Practice recognizes practices which meet the Institute for Healthcare Improvement “Triple Aim” of improving the patient experience, reducing cost of care, and improving the health of populations. This is exemplified through high breastfeeding rates, low preterm birth and cesarean section rates, and reporting fiscal variables.