Laci Spengler


Laci Spengler is a Certified Nurse Midwife originally from Texas, and she has been with Breath of Life since 2019. Laci started her nursing career working at a hospital in Malawi, and this is where she developed a passion to become a midwife. Since then, her goal has been to serve women and families with a holistic and evidence-based approach to help reduce the health care disparities seen throughout the world. 

Laci feels called to walk with women through both joyous and difficult seasons of life; she strives to meet people where they are and to approach every situation with empathy, compassion, and transparency. One of the things she loves most about pregnancy and birth is seeing the vulnerability of women and witnessing the beauty and uniqueness of each experience. 

In addition to being a midwife, Laci enjoys running, yoga, cooking, and spending time at the beach. Laci is married to her best friend, John, and they enjoy exploring the outdoors, hanging out with their two cats Gypsy & Tusk, leading worship together, and traveling to new places.