Megan Font Alvarado


Megan is a bilingual (Spanish/ English) part time nurse at Breath of Life and a part time labor and Delivery nurse at Morton Plant Hospital. She graduated from SUNY Downstate college at LICH in Brooklyn, NY in 2013 then after a DONA doula training in May 2015 her love for supporting people giving birth was born! She traveled with “Work the World” to Peru where she worked in Labor and Delivery, postpartum and NICU. Megan has worked as a L&D nurse in the Tampa Bay area since early 2017 and is passionate about helping families get the information they need to make informed decisions regarding the birth of their baby. 

Beginning a new chapter of her career here at Breath of Life she is happy to serve pregnant people of all backgrounds through their pregnancy journeys and the incredible transformation that comes with birthing a baby.