Shana Williams

Client Account Specialist

Shana joined the Breath of Life team in 2015, shortly after earning her Master of Public Health degree in Health Education from the University of South Florida. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, her experiences as a volunteer peer counselor at a pregnancy resource center helped to shape her desire to pursue health education as a profession. During her time as a volunteer peer counselor, she was able to meet and educate women from many different backgrounds, and encourage them to make informed decisions concerning pregnancies and sexual health.

Shana hopes to contribute her professional experience in customer service and health administration. She hopes to use her experiences as a volunteer, and her educational background to help implement strategies to provide educational resources, administrative assistance, and support to improve the quality of life among Breath of Life mothers and families. In her spare time, Shana enjoys volunteering in the community, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.