“We’ve got nothing against hospitals, and Bayfront’s All Children’s expansion is beautiful, but for some, the atmosphere created by modern medicine is more suffocating than sterile. A Breath of Life delivery (below) is altogether different, with midwives encouraging mothers to get out of the stirrups and walk, squat and bend that baby out, and water births at least as common as dry deliveries.

Breath of Life recently welcomed Henry Bardi (son of Associate Editor Joe Bardi) and Ashton Oppelt (son of Marketing Director Joran Oppelt) into the world, and both mommies are raving about the experience. Yes, Breath of Life only offers all-natural child birth, so if you’re pain-phobic and can’t see making it through delivery without a stiff epidural, you’ll have to seek help elsewhere. But for women willing to brave the extreme discomfort of a drug-free delivery, the benefits are real and amazing. And if anything goes wrong, you can still go to the hospital and get a C-section like (seemingly) everyone else. 1900 East Bay Drive, Largo, 727-216-1420, breathoflife.cc.”