Child Birth Classes

Natural Childbirth Classes

Throughout pregnancy, most women read about pregnancy, labor and birth and watch quite a few births on YouTube.  To help make sense of all that’s out there, the birth center offers childbirth classes that are customized for a natural birth experience here at Breath of Life.

Classes are taught by our Certified Childbirth Educators, Kristina Yorke, Noelle Talley, and Andrea Taylor. They are also trained birth assistants and/or professional birth doulas so they have the knowledge and the hands-on experience to help you prepare for labor.  Check our calendar for the class schedule.

The state of Florida requires childbirth education for women planning a birth center birth.  We offer a five-week birth class series and require education be completed by the 35th week of pregnancy.  You’ll want to sign up early in your pregnancy to ensure your place in a class.   If you wish to meet the childbirth education requirement outside of Breath of Life you will need approval from our midwives.

Classes By Kristina Yorke

As a previous Breath of Life client, former birth assistant and birth doula, Kristina Yorke uses her experience and certifications to guide you in Wonderfully Made Birthing classes to help prepare you for your upcoming birth and newborn experience!

Your 5 week class series will:

  • Equip you with the vital tools and understanding needed to labor naturally
  • Educate you in the stages of labor, positions for birth, and more
  • Encourage and prepare you in your ability to “do this”
  • Teach you what it is like to birth at Breath of Life
  • Prepare you for the transition into parenthood with a new precious babe

Wearing comfortable clothing and bringing your support partner are encouraged. We will meet in the main conference room of the birth center. Registration is required and available at the front desk. The class fee of $175 can be paid to the teacher in class one.

for all expecting mothers

Moms Love Our Classes

“I thought after reading 8 baby books that I would know everything there was to know…how wrong was I?! I’m SO glad I took this class!” – Niki Gell

“We have three children now so we are all done, but if we were planning to have more children, we would go back to Breath of Life in a heartbeat!  They made you feel like you had the comfort of your own home with a very knowledgeable staff. The facility is clean and up to today’s technology. Everyone is very friendly and let mom do what she thinks is best.”


Classes By Andrea Taylor

Certified Childbirth Educator, Andrea Taylor, is a former client and birth assistant at Breath of Life Birth Center. Her experiences during her pregnancy and birth of her second born at Breath of Life sparked a passion in her for natural childbirth. Between her personal experiences and training Andrea is ready to equip mamas with the knowledge needed for the birth they desire. Andrea teaches the Refresher and Trial of Labor after Caesarean (TOLAC) classes at Breath of Life. The classes incorporate multiple learning styles and are hands-on. 

Moms and their partners will learn:

  • The three stages of labor
  • Positions and breathing for labor
  • Partner support
  • Immediate postpartum care for mom
  • Prep for going home with a new baby

Come to class dressed comfortably and bring blankets or an exercise mat.

The Refresher class is a 3-hour course with a class fee of $50. Registration and payment at the front desk is required.

The TOLAC class is a 5-hour course with a class fee of $75. You can register at the front desk and pay the teacher directly in the class.