“We were at home getting the boys to bed when my wife started labor.  Things I did to help support her were:

  • Talked to her calmly
  • Encouraged her
  • Reminded her that she can do this
  • Made her feel comfortable

New baby at Breath of Life Birth Center, Largo, PinellasI didn’t feel challenged or concerned at any time.  My wife did such a amazing job and Cindy the midwife was great. The room was relaxing and my wife was able to feel that she was in control.  I was very impressed how perfectly my wife handled everything all natural.

We knew we were having a girl but we still wondered since we haven’t had a girl on my side of the family in 32 years!  We were relieved to know mommy and baby were healthy and happy, and to finally have a baby girl to welcome into our family!

My advice for first-time dads who are going to support their wives in labor:

  • Make sure to be patient with her
  • Talk to her calmly
  • Encourage her, let her know she can do it
  • Let her do what she feels is most comfortable

We have three children now so we are all done but if we were planning to have more children, we would go back to Breath of Life in a heartbeat!  They made you feel like you had the comfort of your own home with a very knowledgeable staff. The facility is clean and up to today’s technology. Everyone is very friendly and let’s mom do what she thinks is best.”