Dad with Breath of Life Baby, Largo, FL Pinellas“I guess you could say from the beginning that I was apprehensive of using a birthing center as opposed to a hospital to have our baby. As a first time father, and the previous owner of a medical practice, the thought of being anywhere other than a hospital for any unforeseen issues was the foundation of most of my stress.”

It was after attending a Breath of Life orientation that I immediately felt at ease and knew this process was for our family. To the credit of Breath of Life almost every question that I had going into the orientation was already answered by visiting their website.  In the end, the only stress was that my wife was two weeks late which increased the likelihood of us having to birth at a hospital.

Going into this process we were hoping my role as the father would be seen of equal responsibility. Breath of Life exceeded those expectations and I felt very much included. We’re so incredibly grateful for everyone at Breath of Life for their professionalism, expertise and always warm positive attitude. Our daughter was born on my father’s birthday in the beautiful beach suite securing our belief that it was all meant to be.”

–David Marks