So you’ve had your baby… Congratulations! Now all you have to do is keep it fed, happy and alive. EASY PEASY. HA! #SAIDNOMOMEVER Feeding your baby may “seem” like such an easy and straightforward thing to do–until suddenly it’s just not.

THAT is the topic we will be discussing to kick-start one of our new Moms Groups at Breath of Life – Normalizing the 4th Trimester. We are going to talk about, and shed light on, all the things that keep us awake, as we are scrolling through the deep recesses of the Internet, long after the kids have fallen asleep. We are going to start with Infant Feeding because this is something all of us Moms have probably worried about, stressed about or just plain felt overwhelmed by at some point, regardless of how you feed your baby.

Feeding Your Baby – Expectations and Their Pitfalls

Somehow, what seems like the most basic tasks can become our most challenging moments. I think it is safe to say that we all enter into motherhood with at least some type of plan/goal/expectation in mind about how the baby will get fed. Whether it be breastfeeding, formula, pumping, or some combination of everything. Maybe you want to get breast milk from a donor / milk bank or maybe you want to supplement, but then you are met with decisions on bottles and cups that is an overwhelming list of options and not even complete. All this is just in the first few months, which, somehow, manage to fly by while simultaneously seeming to never end in the fog of sleep deprivation–don’t worry, we’ll get to the sleep topic. 😉 Not to mention, once you’re further along in your feeding your baby journey, now we have solid foods, sippy cups, what kinds of milk, and weaning to figure out!

We Think We’ve Got It Figured Out, and Then…

Once we’ve made all our plans about how to feed our precious new babe, maybe something changes and we find ourselves doing something different than we’d planned. Or maybe we realize that what we originally thought was our goal isn’t really working or what makes sense for our family anymore. And THAT is where the guilt kicks in. It’s in those unmet expectations that we begin to doubt and second guess ourselves. It’s in the transitions that the questions mount. It’s in the never ending posts, statuses and Instagrams that we begin to feel “less than.” Unfortunately, it’s not just with the first baby! Each child is different and is entering a family unit with different dynamics than the one before it. So, moms of many: this is for you, too!

Come Join Us

I’d like to invite you to join us as we dive into this topic of infant feeding and address our fears, expectations, and challenges. Come, ask questions, find answers, learn and discuss resources, and support. You deserve a space where you can connect, and learn without feeling like you’re being judged. This will not be the awkward mommy group park meetup where you spend the whole time comparing and being compared to. We are all doing this, and we are all doing this like ROCK STARS!

You are not alone, you are not doing it wrong – you are doing great. At the end of the day, did your baby get fed? We thought so, and it really is ALL GOOD.

Come join us at Breath of Life Birth Center on the third Monday of every month, starting April 16th, for our Normalizing the 4th Trimester Moms Group. We’ll cover all the hot topics that keep us Moms up at night and provide a safe space to share, release, learn and connect with women on this wild ride we call Momming.  Click here for event details.