It’s almost time to meet your baby. 

From the moment you found out you were expecting, every choice you have made–and will make in the future–has been about giving the very best to your child.  

For nine months your baby has been nestled safely and securely inside of you. Your hearts have been beating as one. 

But, soon, all of that will change.

There’s nothing like the anticipation of meeting your baby for the first time.  

At Breath of Life, your baby will enter the world naturally, and be delivered into your lives peacefully, graciously, and freely…with SO. MUCH. LOVE. You will be able to relax in knowing, you gave your baby the very best from his or her first breath of life. 

“I would encourage anyone to give birth here, if possible. Not all birth centers have the accreditation or incredibly high standards that Breath of Life has. It’s the little things that made the experience amazing for us. From something as small as aromatherapy to the layout of the beautiful birth suites–I mean, every room has its own birth tub–everything was so incredible. Throw in the kindness of the nurse-midwives and their openness to alternative approaches to health, pregnancy, labor, and birth, and you’ve got something really special.” -Alyssa Botta