Cindy McCullough, ARNP, CNM, Nurse-Midwife

Cindy is one of the midwives at Breath of Life, the only nationally-accredited birth center in the Tampa Bay area.

Cindy, one of three Certified Nurse Midwives at Breath of Life, joined the birth center in 2012 as a registered nurse and certified lactation counselor.  With a passion for assisting women during pregnancy and labor, Cindy is pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing.

Our clients love her high energy, warm-hearted spirit, and her caring, personable nature. Cindy aspires to show God’s wonderful goodness in everything she does and strives to be a light to those she works with.  She is very serious about her coffee and enjoys a good yoga class.  She adores her husband, Will, and their three “sons:” Oscar the cat, Oliver the pug, and Luuk the shepherd.