You should gain weight during pregnancy for your baby to grow and be healthy; however, gaining weight too fast can cause health problems. Gaining too much weight can increase vour chances of having a cesarean deliverv and being overweight after vou have vour baby.

Ask your medical provider to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and then plan on gaining the proper amount of weight during your pregnancy using the following guidelines:

BMI Before Pregnancy During Pregnancy
Underwieght pre-pregnancy with BMI <18.5 28-40 pounds
Normal pre-pregnancy with BMI 18.5-24.9 25-35 pounds
Overweight pre-pregnancy with BMI 25-29.9 15-25 pounds
Obese pre-pregacy with BMI >30 11-20 pounds

Should you need advice regarding your diet. you can:

• Contact your Healthy Start Care Coordinator for information and referrals

• Go to the following Website:  click on “Resources,” then “Links to Other Websites” and tinally “New Food Pyramid for Pregnant Women”

• Call a local WIC oftice located at a Pinellas County Health Department:

St. Petersburg – 824-6900

Pinellas Park – 547-7780

N. Largo/Clearwater – 469-5800

Indian Rocks/SeminolelDansville – 588-4040

Tarpon Springs – 942-5457