Breath of Life Doulas


The Support You Need

A doula is a woman who has been trained to provide continuous, non-medical support to a woman and her partner in labor.

At Breath of Life, the doula becomes part of the birth team and our midwives work hand-in-hand with her to provide mom and her partner the best care and comfort during their labor.

Her skills include providing massage, encouragement, emotional support, suggesting positions, assisting mom in and out of the tub, offering ideas for how dad can support his partner, and giving dad an occasional break to eat, sleep or contact family.

While there are many doulas to choose from in the Tampa Bay area, we are proud to offer an in-house team of independent contractor doulas who offer seamless support as an extension of our midwifery team. These doulas have completed a training at the birth center to become more familiar with — and practice with — the labor tools that we have available at the birth center. We know the power and the value of having a doula present at your birth to ensure you are cared for every step of the way. We make it easy to add a doula to your care team.

Additional Breath of Life Certified Doulas

Our Breath of Life Doula Team are independent contractors who provide full-service support as an extension of the midwifery team. You’ll receive the total package with the care from an experienced doula from our team. When choosing to add a doula to your care team through our in-house doula program, you can count on receiving seamless support.

The Breath of Life Doula Team have completed training through Breath of Life and are part of our in-house support team.  

They are focused on our client base and are committed to providing the utmost level of care for you! When you hire a doula from our team, you will receive dedicated support from a doula with the comfort of having built-in back up doula support.  Note that their fees and contract arrangements are not included in the fees you pay to Breath of Life under your financial agreement.

Meet our Breath of Life Doula Team at their monthly Meet the Doulas’ Night found under Events on our Facebook page or fill out the inquiry form below and a doula will reach out to you.

Jaqulynn Scott

Previously a 911 dispatcher turned “Stay at home mom”; Jaqulynn found her second calling in life through Breath of Life. She is a self-proclaimed “birth junkie” who has declared herself the BOL “water girl”. She started as a client throughout her first pregnancy, and after birthing her first son, she immediately knew she wanted to find a way to stay connected with Breath of Life. She soon became a Birth Assistant and immediately fell in love with all things birth. From there, she quickly added Lactation Counselor, Midwife Assistant, Childbirth Educator, and most recently Doula, to her list of roles here at Breath of Life. Jaqulynn has a passion for women and families, and loves walking alongside them on their journey from “expecting” to motherhood. Jaqulynn loves the Lord, and prays that each person she serves feels loved, valuable, and cared for in a special way. Jaqulynn will tell you that she thinks Breath of Life is a “unique, precious and vital part of this community” and is “deeply committed to this place and everyone who enters it”. 


On a personal note; Jaqulynn is joyfully married to her high school sweetheart, Joel, who is a local massage therapist. They have 2 boys; Reese (5) and Deaglan (2.5) who were both born in the tub of the Beach room. Jaqulynn and Joel are Ohio natives, but have fallen in love with Florida and are raising their full-blooded (and WILD!) Florida boys here in the Sunshine State! She loves coffee, tea, crafting, and the beach, and always has a song to sing. She hates morning and loves a late night. Most of all she is always up for good, deep conversation and connecting with anyone who is willing. 

Jessy French-King

Jessy is very excited to be a part of the Breath of Life family as a doula. The support system that she had during the birth of her first child in 2007 was instrumental for her physical and emotional health. It was then that she knew without a doubt that she wanted to be with women through their pregnancies and labors.

Since then, she has grown her family and worked as a nanny and medical assistant in both primary care and hospital settings with experience working in the pediatric, NICU, labor and delivery, and mother/baby units.

She is trained and certified with Prodoula and supports a variety of births including home, birthing center and hospital births. Her goal as a doula is to leave women feeling stronger than they ever knew, empowered and supported.

Jessy is also a certified lactation counselor (CLC) from Healthy Children’s Project. A Professional Lifestyle Photographer, with a passion is capturing life’s moments in their purest state. And she is a life long learner with a passion and profession with Beautycounter that enables her to continue empowering women and others to grow.

Jessy lives in Palm Harbor with her four children and husband. In her free time she enjoys yoga, running, documenting life, being outside, yummy food and most of all just being with her family.

Additional Breath of Life Certified Doulas

Breath of Life Certified Doulas have completed training through Breath of Life and are part of our recommended resource team. Please click on the button to the left (or bottom on your phone/tablet) to see the listing which will route you to their additional information.

Breath of Life Doula Team and Certified Doulas are independent contractors and offer individual contracts. The doulas are not employees of the birth center, nor are their services covered by any fees that are paid directly to the birth center. All fees and contracts for doula services are arranged directly between the client and the doula.