Pregnancy, Labor, & Birth

 Find out if you qualify for Birth Center Care

Your First Visit

What To Expect

We want you to relax and enjoy your time with us. Your first appointment will take about an hour, so be sure to allow plenty of time. 

Prior to the appointment, you’ll receive forms that you will need to fill out and bring with you. Complete the forms before you arrive so you can spend maximum time engaging with our staff.

You’ll also receive a link to Maternity Neighborhood, your secure online medical chart. Take the time to set up your personal account and complete your medical history before your appointment.

When you arrive, you’ll meet one of our registered nurses. Together, you’ll review your current health status and medical history from Maternity Neighborhood. The nurse will also guide you through the lab procedures and discuss the best nutrition choices for pregnancy.

Finally,  you’ll visit the onsite lab for an “OB Panel” blood collection.

Your Second Appointment

Allow another hour to meet one of our nurse-midwives to address your questions.  She will assess your health status and perform a complete physical exam. If you’re far enough along, you may even get to hear your baby’s heartbeat!

Prenatal Appointments

What To Expect

You’ll have one prenatal appointment every four to six weeks until 32 weeks of pregnancy. Then, you’ll come in every two to three weeks until around 36 weeks of pregnancy. At that point, weekly exams are done until your baby is born. 

From start to finish, we want you to have the personal care and attention you deserve. During these appointments, we welcome your family to be present. Having our nurse-midwives get to know the important people in your life only enhances their relationship with you. You will hear your baby’s heartbeat and the nurse-midwife will measure your baby’s growth, as well as review what is happening with you and your baby. These appointment are designed to be informative, personalized, and supportive.

Labor & Birth

What To Expect

Many women say that despite the intensity of birth, it was the most rewarding thing that they’ve ever done!

Having a natural birth experience is what draws women to Breath of Life. We have many ways to provide comfort and support to women in labor, including massage tools and heating pads, essential oils for relaxation, a shower with a hand-held spray, a soothing deep tub, birth slings, labor balls, birth stools, and a beautiful outdoor area for walking.

If you’re hungry, you can eat and drink whatever you’d like. We also have nitrous oxide available, which is a safe and effective way to help cope with the intensity of labor.

We welcome anyone you choose to support you in the labor and/or postpartum time at the center. We embrace the presence of the people you love and need by your side, and we do all we can to make them comfortable while they’re here.


Now that you’re pregnant, you’re probably considering how you want to give birth to your baby and safety is a top concern. Once you start telling people you’re pregnant, you’re met with a plethora of advice and warnings. How do you sort through all of them? More importantly, how do you begin to make decisions that are best for you

Watch Sarah Lampe’s birth story and hear from our certified nurse-midwives about choosing a birth center.

Cost of Services

What To Expect

Start by contacting your insurance company to verify your maternity and birth center benefits and anticipated financial cost-share for your particular plan.  A financial agreement will be drawn up based on your current plan benefits.  Please note that the benefits in place as of the date your baby is expected to be born are what determines your financial responsibility.

Required fees that are not paid for by insurance plans or Medicaid include:

  • A nonrefundable administrative fee of $225 due at the first appointment
  • Payment for your Natural Childbirth Prep Course of $175 due at the first class in the series.

Optional fees that are not paid for by insurance plans or Medicaid and which must be prepaid:

  • Prepaid Fee for Nitrous Oxide of $300 due at 36-weeks ($350 if not prepaid and used)
  • Payment for Cord Blood & Tissue Banking varies but is also due at 36-weeks.

For a list of insurance providers we accept or what to do if you are uninsured, please visit our FAQ page.