Pre & Postnatal Care

Care for women seeking a VBAC 

We’re Here For You

Would you like to have a Trial of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC) with the hope of having a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)?

Breath of Life Women’s Health Services might be the place for you.

Our certified nurse-midwives provide personal and informative prenatal care for women who would like to have a trial of labor after a cesarean. We work in collaboration with the OB Hospitalist Group at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

Pre and Post-Natal Care

Breath of Life Is On Your Side

Dedicated Care & Support

The entire staff at Breath of Life supports your choice to have a TOLAC. You’ll appreciate long appointments with a nurse-midwife who can answer all of your questions and confidently lead you through everything you need to know to feel prepared.

Birth Class For TOLAC

The needs of a TOLAC are specific. Our customized class will help you make sense of all the questions and uncertainties you may be experiencing. Our TOLAC childbirth classes are customized to prepare you for a beautiful, safe, natural birth experience.

Wellness On Site

You’ll feel confident with our professional all-female staff. Lab procedures, ultrasounds, and blood work are performed onsite. Our care for you goes beyond the birth of your baby. You’ll come for postpartum visits as well.

Our Collaboration With Morton Plant Hospital

Morton Plant’s Labor and Delivery department is staffed around-the-clock by caring OB hospitalist physicians. They will guide and assist during labor to help increase the chances that a woman will have a successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

Most TOLACs lead to a VBAC. Statistics show a success rate of about 70%.

However, when a TOLAC requires a repeat cesarean birth, Morton Plant offers women the option of a family-centered cesarean birth. This includes the use of a clear drape so parents can see their baby’s birth, a delayed cord clamping, and the beauty of placing baby skin-to-skin with mom immediately after birth.*

Are You Eligible For a TOLAC?

This can be a big decision.  We want to make sure this is the best choice for you. Here’s how to determine if you may be eligible for Breath of Life’s prenatal care in preparation for a TOLAC at Morton Plant:

  • You have had only ONE cesarean birth
  • You are having a low-risk pregnancy
  • You are less than 28 weeks pregnant


Educate Yourself

There are a few steps you can take today to explore if a TOLAC is right for you:

Learn everything you can about TOLAC and the possibility of having a VBAC by visiting VBAC Facts.

Click on the “Apply Here” button above and see if Breath of Life is an option for you.

*Family-centered cesarean births are offered at the discretion of the attending OB physician at the time of surgery.