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The following news report was filed by Joe Gumm of Channel 10 News on 3/6/2013:

“If you take the physical strength of marathon runners, combine that with the mental strength of triathlon competitors and throw in the emotional strength of Olympic athletes, you might understand what it takes to be a Midwife.

Oh, and then add years of education and degrees and blend it all together to help produce the most beautiful thing God has ever blessed us with. In this week’s Do My Job, I found out that it takes a lot more than just waiting patiently.”

Staffed by Christian Professionals

Chris Hilderbrandt, ARNP, CNM


Chris used the “Lamaze” method of childbirth way back in the stone age, when that meant no pain medication, but birth occurred in the operating room, with straps, stirrups and episiotomy. Chris has degrees in Biology, Nursing, and Midwifery. She has been a Lamaze Childbirth Educator and La Leche League Leader, worked in Labor & Delivery at Bayfront Hospital as a nurse, worked as a nurse-midwife at Morton Plant Hospital, and worked with a physician in Tarpon Springs in natural childbirth. Chris is the mother of four adult children (two boys, two girls) and four grandchildren (three boys and one princess), all of who are beautiful, brilliant, funny and amazing! Chris has had the honor of “catching” three of her grandchildren. In her free time, Chris can be found either with her family or paddling a kayak on the rivers or the Gulf, snorkeling, beaching, reading or exploring!


Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Received a Woodruff Fellowship
Graduated Cum Laude


American College of Nurse-Midwives
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Association of Birth Centers

Vikki Bennett, ARNP, CNM

Nurse-Midwife & Clinical Director

Vikki joined the Breath of Life team in March of 2011. She first became interested in midwifery and women’s health after participating in several overseas medical missions trips to both Honduras and Haiti. Her desire to provide safe, effective, and empowering care to women and families in a low-tech, high-touch setting led her to pursue midwifery in the birth center setting. Vikki loves partnering with clients for their optimal health and birth experiences and greatly enjoys working in a setting where her love of God and her love of midwifery collide in beautiful fashion. Vikki thoroughly enjoys a good cup of coffee, reading and journaling, fishing (especially with her parents), traveling stateside and abroad, and spending time with her beloved friends and family. Vikki is hopeful that God will allow her to be a wife and a mom someday, but rejoices that He has given her many Breath of Life families to love and serve in the interim!


Frontier Nursing University
Recipient of the Kitty Ernst Leadership Award


American College of Nurse-Midwives
American Association of Birth Centers

Cindy McCullough, RN, CLC

Nurse, Lactation Counselor, Birth Assistant

Cindy has been with Breath of Life since August 2012. She is so very excited to have joined the team as she is so very passionate about out of hospital birth and the care the midwives provide their patients with. She enjoys all of the roles she plays at BOL including: office nurse, lactation counselor, arts and crafts extraordinaire, etc. Cindy enjoys a good laugh, coffee, and a nice yoga session. She aspires to show God’s wonderful goodness in everything she does and strives to be a light to those she works with. She also adores her husband and their “son,” Oscar (their cat).

Karen Redmond, MA

Lead Midwife Assistant, Birth Assistant

Karen has been with Breath of Life since 2008 and has fulfilled many different roles. She is currently our lead midwife assistant as well as birth assistant and pretty much all-around go-to gal. She is very passionate about her time with her Savior and enjoys being involved in various church functions. Karen is an avid homeschooler to her three wonderful children, and she is especially fond of her husband. Karen also enjoys her coffee and laughter.

Glenda Pearson

Executive Director

Glenda has been a part of the team for Breath of Life since its inception in 2001. As the business manager, she oversees all financial and operational aspects of the center and personally meets with clients. She is available to talk with clients about insurance, payment options and more and has a passion for seeing women empowered for natural birth at Breath of Life. Glenda serves on the American Association of Birth Centers Foundation Board. She has been married to Ken for 37 years and is very proud of their son and daughter, granddaughter and newborn grandson! She enjoys baking/cooking, aerobics, and spending time with family and friends.

Kris King


Kris is our receptionist who is one of the first voices you hear when calling Breath of Life. She joined the team in September 2011 after working in women’s health care for over nine years. She loves working in a birth center because of the patient care that is provided and the attention that each client receives. It has been an amazing working environment and she has enjoyed working with the Breath of Life team who are all very dedicated and passionate at what they do, yet are still able to have fun and laugh at themselves. She has been happily married to her husband, Tim, for 26 years. They have a daughter, 22 and two sons, ages 16 and 14. Kris enjoys all things outdoors as she is a rare breed—a TRUE Floridian, born and raised. She loves walking with the Lord every step of the way, and she adores her wonderful husband and three children they share together.