Everly Nixon ARNP, CNM, Nurse-Midwife

Motivated by an interest in overseas missions, Everly became a nurse in 2008 and then went on to Frontier Nursing University to become a nurse-midwife in 2012. She practiced at Breath of Life until 2015 then moved to Denver where she now supports families through the miracle of childbirth in a hospital setting.

Everly has a true appreciation for the beautiful unique care that clients receive at Breath of Life so she comes back on an occasional basis to fill in for a vacationing midwife. She is excited to be able to care for Breath of Life families again and we know our clients will appreciate her experience, kindness and patience. Her favorite part of being a midwife is seeing the power that education has to decrease anxiety and fear, build trust, and give families confidence through the transformative process of pregnancy and birth.

When she is not supporting pregnant and laboring women, Everly loves to host meals for friends, bake desserts, go to a Zumba or hot yoga class, and swap swapping thoughts on how to change the world. She enjoys road trips and is always planning her next adventure!