Samera “Sam” Sorell RN, Student Nurse-Midwife

Samera “Sam” Sorell is a student nurse-midwife who will be working alongside Vikki for the next few months as she completes her degree program through Frontier Nursing University (the same university where your three BOL CNMs obtained their degrees!).

Sam has been seeing clients in a busy office setting and catching babies in the hospital setting in Kansas for the past few months and is thrilled to now have the opportunity to join the Breath of Life team as a student to support women through the birth center model of care. We hope you’ll welcome Sam into your care team during your visits and labor / birth but you always have the right to decline.  As a reminder, Vikki will always also be part of your care, but now you have the opportunity to have two smiling midwives with you instead of one!

Sam comes to us with over a decade of nursing experience. The majority of her career has been under the Women’s & Children’s umbrella… six years of that time as a NICU nurse, the remainder in Labor and Delivery and postpartum. In her own words: “I knew I wanted to become a midwife many years ago after working for an herbalist that started Motherlove herbal company (making natural products for women through pregnancy & lactation). Although I only worked with her for a year, her vision of pregnancy & birth being a beautiful natural process had a lasting impact on me. When I am not studying or involved in something school related, I love to spend my time with my husband and three boys (ages 14, 9, & 3).”

Sam has lived in Clearwater on and off for five years. Before that time she lived in the Kansas City, KS area for 10 years, and is originally from upstate New York.

Please join us in welcoming Sam to the BOL family for a season.  We look forward to you getting to know her!