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Important Reminders:
When you need to call us – CALL 727-216-1420

Remember to stay off the phone and have your RINGER ON when you are awaiting a call back from us. The return call will have a random number you will not recognize. PLEASE answer. If you do not hear back from the midwife within 15 minutes – Call again and leave message that you are still waiting on call back. Be prepared to have the mom speak with the midwife.

Only if the above number is not working – please use the following emergency-only backup contact number for the answering service: 727-777-6860

To Do Ahead: When possible, have family, support persons, and friends visit the birth center with you BEFORE labor and birth so that they can feel at home also and know where the bathrooms, family room etc are located. It is also good for you to discuss information with them that you learned in your Early Home Care Class.

What to Bring to the Birth Center:

Comfortable clothing to labor and go home in – sweats, scrubs, t-shirts, sports bras, bathing suit, pj’s, etc. Don’t forget you probably will get in the tub! You might need bathrobe, slippers, nursing bra, easy to-nurse-in clothing for your recovery at the birth center, and clothing to go home in. Remember to think of Dad, too!

You will also need one package of Depends women’s underwear (or) some stretchy, full-size underwear (granny panties) with some Poise pads. When you choose your underwear, remember that it might get ruined.

Toiletries: Shampoo, brush, hair clip or tie, toothbrushes, toothpaste for both of you!

Aromatherapy – lotions, oils that you like and work well for you. A candle that is special to you is also nice.

Food and Drinks for labor: Nourishing snack foods (soup, sandwiches, granola bars, yogurt, fruit- things that you like) for yourself and your support persons. Your will need liquids that have calories – Gatorade, Emergen-C (Electrolyte packets to add to water), herbal teas with honey. A few teaspoons of honey every few hours helps with energy. You can make small ice-cubes out of Gatorade or red raspberry leaf tea with honey.

A high protein snack immediately after birth – you will need some protein in your stomach to take Ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

A meal for after the baby is born – you can give this assignment to one of your support persons. You will need a nourishing meal no matter what time of day and night after your baby is born

Comfort items – iPod, pictures to focus on, your own pillow, massager, blanket, any comfort items that make your room your special place.

Baby clothing and blanket for baby to go home in.

What to Bring to the Birth Center in your car by 36 weeks – Have it checked out by the certified installers located at some Fire Stations –call and find out. There are Car Seat Safety classes at some locations. Read the manuals for the Car Seat and your vehicle(s) and follow instructions. The birth center cannot take responsibility for your car seat. Please practice adjusting the straps and installing your car seat in your vehicle BEFORE you come to the birth center.

Anything else that will help you to relax and feel more at home in our special “B&B” – that’s Bed and Baby (or Bath and Baby)!